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Call for project proposals



European Union Initiative


Joint EU-UNDP Civil Society Support Programme


The overall objective of the Civil Society Support Program (CSSP) is to promote an inclusive, competent, and responsive civil society. The programme is being implemented on the basis of a locally informed Strategy and the Action Plan. The specific objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Strengthen CSOs capacities to efficiently and transparently manage operations and increase their effectiveness to address local needs.
  2. Promote sustainability of CSOs through enhancing civil society connectivity and cooperation.
  3. Diversify CSO’s sectoral engagement in people-centered and needs-based initiatives.

Purpose of the call

  1. The purpose of the call is to identify projects initiated by a wide range of local civil society actors, including initiative groups, think-tanks, expert communities and public activists, that address a diverse spectrum of locally identified needs (social, cultural and economic).

Preference will be given to:

  • Projects that seek to respond to a wide range of needs identified by local CSOs, in collaboration with major stakeholders and representatives of relevant communities.
  • Projects that are designed in a participatory manner, and involve collaboration with other civil society actors during implementation.
  • Projects that propose partnerships of well-established CSOs with long-standing experience and newly registered CSOs and/or initiative/volunteer groups.
  • Projects that propose approaches aiming to engage various target groups (e.g. women, youth, vulnerable communities, etc.) to address pressing needs in social, cultural or economic spheres.
  • Projects that envisage partnerships with CSOs, initiative groups and/or civic activists from South Ossetia.

CSSP thematic priorities are flexible as long as the project shows strong willingness to support demonstrated needs, relevant groups and addresses actual problems.

Deadline for applications:


We are now accepting project proposals until 16 March 2018, 18:00 COB. No applications will be accepted after this deadline.

Submission of Project proposals:

If you have a project proposal, which contributes to CSSP objectives and priorities, please send an email to [email protected] to receive the application forms.

Criteria for project proposal’s selection:

  • Relevance to the above-described aims and priorities of the CSSP programme;
  • High feasibility of the project in terms of problem identification, soundness of situational analysis, and evidence of ability of the applicant(s) to contribute to addressing it;
  • Demonstrated impact and sustainability of proposed project;
  • Alignment with humanitarian principles;
  • Cost-efficiency and sound alignment of resources with expected project results.

Selection process

All project proposals will be reviewed by the EU/UNDP Evaluation Committee and approved/selected by the Steering Committee. All applicants will be informed accordingly.

Eligibility criteria for applicants

  • Be registered as non-commercial, non-profit organization and have a bank account;
  • Have sufficient administrative, financial and technical capacity to implement a project;


NOTE: Non-registered initiative/volunteer groups, independent experts/specialists are strongly encouraged to submit their proposals in partnership with registered CSOs.

DISCLAIMER: CSSP will acknowledge the receipt of each application within maximum 3 business days. Please contact us if you have not received a confirmation at [email protected]

UNDP is not responsible for any technical problems that might result in delays in the receipt and/or loss of your application.

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Для размещения рекламы звоните по тел.:
(+7-940) 921-78-75




Совместная программа Европейского союза и Организации Объединенных Наций по развитию сельских территорий объявляет тендер на закупку детских площадок в двух локациях в Гагрском районе (село Лапстарха и село Мкялрыпш).

Подача котировок не позднее 12:00, 16 Октября 2023 года.

Заинтересованные лица могут обратиться за дополнительной информацией по телефону +7 (940) 742 22 44 или по электронной почте [email protected]

Совместная программа Европейского союза и Организации Объединенных Наций по развитию сельских территорий объявляет тендер на установку пластиковых окон в трех школах Очамчырского района.
Подача котировок не позднее 12:00, 6 Октября 2023

Заинтересованные лица могут обратиться за дополнительной информацией по телефону +7
(940) 742 22 44 или по электронной почте
[email protected]

Запрос ценового предложения

Action Against Hunger, в рамках проекта «Улучшение водоснабжения и санитарно-гигиенических условий в школах Абхазии», финансируемого UNICEF, намерена заключить контракты с компаниями, специализирующимися на восстановлении/строительстве систем водоснабжения и канализации, для выполнения работ в школах, расположенных в следующих районах:

1. Средняя школа №10 г. Сухум
2. Средняя школа №2 г. Очамчира
3. Средняя школа №4 г. Гагра
4. Средняя школа села Ачандара, Гудаутского района
5. Средняя школа №2 села Махадыр, Гагрского района
6. Средняя школа №2 села Аберкит, Галского района

Request for Quotation: Water & Sanitation Works in Schools

Action Against Hunger, under the project “Developing of WASH Facilities and Services in Schools in Abkhazia” funded UNICEF, intends to award Work Contracts to companies performing water and sanitation rehabilitation/construction works in following schools and locations:

1. Sukhum Secondary School №10
2. Ochamchira Secondary School №2
3. Gagra Secondary School №4
4. Achandara Secondary School, Gudauta district
5. Makhadir Secondary School №2, Gagra district
6. Aberkyt Secondary School №2, Gal district

United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), within the framework of «EU4Dialogue» invites interested construction companies to submit their offers for the rehabilitation works of IT classrooms in Boarding School in Sukhum and Gal College of Humanities.

Quotations may be submitted on or before: a.m. 12:00 , 4 October 2023, via courier mail or hand delivered to the address: 21 Aiaaira ave., Sukhum. For the further information please contact: [email protected].

Программа Развития ООН (ПРООН), приглашает строительные компании в рамках проекта «EU4Dialogue» принять участие в тендере по ремонту компьютерных классов в Сухумском лицей-интернате и Галском гуманитарном колледже.

Заявки должны быть доставлены не позднее 12:00, 4 октября 2023, курьерской почтой или непосредственно в офис ПРООН по адресу: Пр. Мира 21, г.Сухум. За дополнительной информацией обращаться: [email protected].

По вопросам размещения объявлений на сайте обращайтесь по тел. 921-78-75.

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